Rock Your Writing Practice Day 3

(If you’re wondering what happened to Day 2, I didn’t publish because it was a wishlist of my writing future and seemed awfully vain to put out there for everyone to see.)

  1. What obligations and hobbies am I willing to sacrifice to make time for writing?
    • I don’t actually spend that much time with my hobbies anymore because I work so much. The bulk of my time is spent working. This year, I’m really trying to regain balance and work less overall (but still am bound to 40 hours/week and some big projects that will take me above and beyond that at times). I think I certainly need to reclaim my time away form work (for multiple reasons).
    • The main “hobby” I can give up is my weekend time when I do occasionally travel to spend time with family and friends. This will also help me save some money, so extra bonus there.
  2. How can I free up more writing time by making my everyday life more efficient?
    • I’ve already been cooking my meals on the weekends so that I have more time in the evenings freed up. I also do most of my house work on the weekends. There shouldn’t be any reason I can’t write 1-2 hours on a normal evening after work and 5-6 hours on a weekend day.
  3. How will I set clear boundaries with friends and family members so I can write without guilt or distraction?
    • I need to stop being embarrassed of the fact that I want to be a writer and tell people how I’m spending my time. Embracing this will help me embrace it overall. Once I get to the point where I’m actually setting clear goals and trying to meet them (other than just write a book), I won’t have feel guilty saying no; I’ll just have FOMO.


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