Rock Your Writing Practice Day 4

  1. Identify what commonly causes you to procrastinate.
    • I’m incredibly deadline driven (i.e. extrinsically motivated in this regard). Because at this point my writing is entirely for myself, it is very easy to keep pushing it off, especially if I can find myself being productive in other ways (for example, cleaning, doing my taxes, etc). Additionally, because I have a full-time job, I really want to savor what free-time I have and unwind my brain at the end of the day by just binging some mindless television. Of course, writing for a little bit does help my brain slow down, but the reward is much faster with television…
  2. Learn to lessen the resistance you experience.
    • Based on reading all of the great resources at Well-Storied, and thinking through my struggles over the last year getting my work in progress going again, I think my biggest issue is not knowing how to tackle it. I’ve written a lot, but it’s a jumbled mess. I even have a pretty detailed outline, but I feel like I need to throw out a lot of what I had previously written to make everything fit. (I completely rewrote one of the main characters and revised big portions of the first act which has been a huge help, but I need to marry the good parts with the new parts now.) Each time I sit down to seriously work on this, I find it easier to write one little, fun scene that’s a one-off rather than really tackle the meaty stuff. But if I keep doing it this way, it’ll never get done.
    • It’s very easy for me to talk myself into or out of anything. But because my mental reward after a long day at work is to watch a few episodes of television, I think if I delay that by writing for an hour or so after work while I still have some energy, I will feel less lazy. (And if it’s been a truly hellish day where I don’t get home until after 8 p.m., then I can take that night off, if I need to.)
    • I also like the idea of a special reward for hitting a certain goal. I have no tangible clue of where I’m at with this book right now, word count wise or anything, but here are a few possible rewards:
      • Every 1,000 words written/5,000 words edited – 30 minute break to play on phone
      • Every 10,000 words written/edited – ice cream
      • First draft completed – one hour massageDiscover the pressure points that will motivate you to write.
    • OK. I just counted and I’ve written almost 15,000 words! That’s almost half a book. But I certainly don’t feel halfway through… The biggest priority at this point is editing and slotting what I’ve currently written into my outline.


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