Rock Your Writing Practice Day 6

  1. What’s the first big step you can take to achieve that success? (e.g. finish my first draft, build my daily writing habit, revise that long-shelved work-in-progress…)
    • My ultimate goal is to finish my first draft of December by the end of the year. I’ve pretty much established a daily writing habit and have had really good daily writing habits before, so I know once I get back into it, I’ll be fine. Writing every day isn’t the issue; it’s tackling the book.
  2. How can you quantify that step as an easy daily or weekly goal? (e.g. draft 500 words every writing session, work for twenty minutes every day, complete a comprehensive read-through of my project…)
    • I can pretty easily write 1,000 words in my daily freewrite sessions. If I shoot for 2-3 freewrites a week, I can write 2,000 – 3,000 words a week.
    • Additionally, on the days I don’t freewrite, if I can edit/revise for at least an hour, I can get in three to four hours of editing/revising a week.


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