Tuca & Bertie

See below links to my coverage of Tuca & Bertie for Culturess.

Tuca and Bertie season premiere takes Bertie to therapy and Tuca on a date

Tuca & Bertie season 2 episode 2 sends Tuca, Bertie, and Speckle on a trip

Tuca & Bertie season 2 sees Bertie meeting her inner bird bro

Tuca & Bertie reveals the beautiful sadness of nighttime

Tuca & Bertie S2E5 explores Bertie’s inner desires

Tuca & Bertie S2E6: An off-key episode explores gentrification and anxiety

Tuca & Bertie gives us a deeper look at codependency and intimacy

Tuca & Bertie sends the crew home for the holidays

Tuca & Bertie season 2 uses dance to show Tuca’s inner feelings

Tuca & Bertie season 2 finale delivers a flood of emotions


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